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Only two things are guaranteed in life: death and taxes. When it comes to taking steroids, you’re also guaranteed to run the risk of shortening your lifespan. This is usually a trade-off made by every athlete or bodybuilder, and it’s because they take a toll on their overall health when putting on lots of muscle mass and hammering their body nonstop and year-round. Add to that the use of performance-enhancing drugs, namely steroids, and it will further exacerbate the issue. Click here to buy N2Guard


N2Guard by n2bm


Did you know that the average bodybuilder’s life expectancy is eight years less than normal? The catalyst being the effect this lifestyle has on our liver, heart, kidneys, and other organs. This is a disturbing thing and it’s best to start taking care of your health very early on. From your very first cycle, you should use proper cycle support and make sure to do the same always.

How N2guard was created?

It’s no secret that during the 1970s and ’80s, bodybuilders and athletes had multiple bottles of supplements and vitamins that they would take several times a day to help them withstand the trauma they put their bodies through. A product named Liv.52 was very popular at the time, and it became the first liver support product used by steroid users.

Liv.52 – First liver support product

Over 10 years ago, N2bm decided to make the very best support product for guys on steroids. The formula started off by combining all of those ingredients in Liv.52, but in higher amounts to make for a stronger serving, plus many new ingredients that were recently discovered to be effective for helping detox your organs during your steroid cycle. Some 44 ingredients, all combined into one incredible product that athletes and bodybuilders could take days to get all their needs. Yes, a bottle of N2Guard is huge and it dwarfs the smaller Liv.52 product of yesteryear.

Some of the 44 ingredients in the formula include old steroid cycle support staples like Milk Thistle, which everyone knew about over 20 years ago, along with things like TUDCA, which has more recently become popular among guys who use oral steroids. The old-school Liv.52 does not contain TUDCA. Instead, TUDCA is a much newer and expensive ingredient that’s only seen in a loaded product like N2Guard.

TUDCA stands for tauroursodeoxycholic acid, that’s a mouthful to say right. This compound is an ambiphilic bile acid, naturally found in low quantities in our bodies. The use of TUDCA dates back to ancient Asian medicine where it was used for its many health benefits, including healing sick organs. Read more…

Today, N2guard is considered a requirement for bodybuilders and athletes to use both on steroids and off-cycle, whether they’re new to the lifestyle or seasoned veterans, whether young or old, and whether in shape or out of shape. Users report that they simply ‘feel better’ when using it and many have posted blood work on steroid discussion forums to show near-perfect liver values while on an oral steroid cycle.

panel ingredients

N2Guard – Supplement Facts

N2Guard is the all-in-one steroid cycle support product specifically designed to block these silent killers and keep you healthy from within, no matter how heavy your steroid cycle might be. Read more ..   

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Ingredients and Serving Size

N2guard packs a punch in each bottle and features enough to last you one full month when taken at the recommended dosage of 7 capsules per day (30 servings). Here are all the ingredients in N2guard, along with the amount per serving (7 capsules), and what each does for you:

  • Thiamine 25mg: Helps the nervous system and vision.
  • Folate 1000mcg: Helps the body produce more healthy cells.
  • Selenium 25mcg: Potent antioxidant that helps with things like immune health and brain concentration.

Selenium is an essential element nutrient (symbol SE on periodic table), with multiple roles in the growth and functioning of living cells in humans and other animals. It is found in the earth’s crust and soil, but because of uneven distribution of this element around the world, supplementation is sometimes necessary. Read more …

  • Pantothenic Acid 25mg: Another ingredient to boost healthy cells in the body. It also can help turn the food you eat into energy.
  • Calcium 14mg: A mineral many are deficient in and is needed to build strong bones, teeth, and cells.
  • Iodine 100mcg: This will help with keeping a strong thyroid that functions normally. You will have a hard time losing fat if you don’t have a healthy thyroid.
  • Magnesium 50mg: Very important electrolyte that you need to get you through a workout because it has an effect on endurance, muscle gains, glucose, and organ health.
  • Zinc 15mg: Those who are deficient in this important mineral will not be able to produce healthy amounts of testosterone, which is needed to get results in both the gym and bedroom.
  • Vitamin A 5000IU: Great vitamin for reproductive health, organs, and eyes.
  • Riboflavin 25mg: Energy booster.
  • Vitamin B6: Great for the immune system and the brain.
  • Vitamin B12 1000mcg: A common deficiency in many of us. Needed to boost energy.
  • Vitamin C 250mg: It’s no secret that this vitamin boosts our immune system tremendously, but it also has other benefits for skin and organs too.
  • Vitamin D 100IU: A common deficiency in higher latitude locations since it comes from the sun. Needed for bone health and the muscular system.
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate 20mg: Great for hormonal balance and boosting.
  • Coenzyme Q10 10mcg: Highly recommended for its heart benefits by all-natural practitioners.
  • Policosanol 5mg: Helps circulate blood and balance heart lipids

Policosanol is the name of a mixture of long chain alcohols that are derived and extracted from plant waxes. Interestingly, it was mostly derived from sugar cane, but in recent years beeswax, fruits, grasses, and seeds have been used to isolate the compound. The carbon backbones of all policosanols are between 25 and 35 carbons, making them very long-chain alcohols. Read more ….

  • Apple Pectin 250mg: Great for digestion and heart health.
  • Evening Primrose Oil 60mg: This one will help lubricate your joints.
  • Hawthorne Berry 7mg: One of the best supplements for the heart.

Hawthorn is a plant who’s leaves, flowers, and berries are all used for medicinal purposes. Few people know this, but it is a common thorny shrub in the rose family that grows in sunny areas (mostly on hillsides) with a flowering bloom in the spring. The berries sprout after the flower bloom and their colors go from a dark red to a black when ripened. Precisely these berries are used in many supplements to give several health benefits, mostly related to the heart. Interestingly, certain jams, jellies, and even wine will contain hawthorn to add antioxidant effects and its specific taste. Read more ..

    • Tumeric Root 125mg: Taken by many for its anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s also a great antioxidant.
    • Taurine 233mg: Helps with crippling pumps and cramping while exercising.
    • Garlic Fruit Extract 50mg: Brain and heart-boosting antioxidant.
    • Dandelion Root Extract 200mg: Flushes excess water from the body safely as a diuretic.

  • Uva Ursi Leaf Extract 75mg: Great for prostate health.
  • Parsley Leaf 150mg: Potent herb that helps with organs and flushes excess water.
  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract 300mg: A classic liver supplement.
  • Red Yeast Rice 300mg: One of the most-popular heart aid supplements ever sold.
  • L-Glutathione 100mg: Helps with insulin sensitivity and also with cell health.
  • Indole-3-Carbinol 50mg: Cancer-killing chemical found in cruciferous vegetables. It’s also very good with hormonal balance.
  • Omega-3 Fatty acids 15mg: Good fats like this help with heart health and can easily be supplemented with omega 3’s.
  • Astragalus Root Extract 300mg: Health booster and helps the heart.
  • Phosphatidylcholine 40% 300mg: This is great for the brain and anxiety.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine L-Tartrate HCI 350mg: Used to boost brain health and is great for energy.

Acetyl L-Carnitine L-Tartrate is found in your body cells, especially in skeletal tissue, and it plays an important role in helping your body burn fat for fuel. It does this by transporting long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria, which burn these to produce energy. Additionally, Acetyl L-Carnitine L-Tartrate will also help transport toxins out of the mitochondria, hence preventing the accumulation of unwanted substances in our bodies. Read more ..

  • Chlorophyll 100mg: Great for detoxing.
  • Bacopa Monnieri Whole Plant Extract 100mg: Added to aid with gut health.
  • Picroliv 75mg: Another liver aid to the formula, but it also helps with oxygen during exercise.
  • Capparis Spinosa 50mg: Very strong antioxidant
  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine 300mg: Great anti-inflammatory and also very good with stress reduction.
  • Beta-1,3/1,4 Glucan 30mg: Helps balance blood sugar and also is great for the heart.
  • Yerba Mate Leaf 200mg: A popular herbal beverage in Latin America, which is good for the gut, fat burning, and as an antioxidant.
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract 100mg: Great for stress, especially when coming off a harsh cycle. It’s also good for brain health.
  • Black Pepper Fruit Extract (Piperine) 5mg: Helps you absorb all of these ingredients and also features fat-burning properties.
  • TUDCA Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid 250mg: We saved the motherload of supplements for last on this list. This ingredient isn’t well known by the old school crowd, but it is probably the most important thing we added to the product. It’s an amazing overall compound for the brain, liver, heart, and kidneys.

TUDCA – Good for brain, liver, heart and kidney

Overall, N2guard has all of these benefits below and more:

    • Full of essential vitamins and minerals that we need, so it can double as your multivitamin
    • Heart health benefits across the board, including blood pressure and cholesterol regulation
    • Liver detoxification
    • Improves energy
    • Gut health
    • Increases the absorption of nutrition
    • Helps you sleep more sound
    • Repairs the kidneys
    • Immune system improvements
    • Produces healthier cells
    • Balances hormones like testosterone and estrogen


N2guard dosage is labeled at 7 capsules a day, which will work in most situations. However, as more guys and gals have used the product, they’ve come up with their own ideas on dosing depending on their particular situation. Those who run extremely harsh oral steroids or are on a heavy cycle should use the product at 8-10 capsules per day. On the flip side, those who are using N2guard off-cycle or during the post cycle, or with TRT, or with an AM Dianabol dosage, or other bridge, may choose to run N2Guard at 3-4 capsules a day. You may not need much more than this, so a bottle can last over six weeks. Remember, as we mentioned earlier, each bottle has enough capsules to last you one month if run at 7 caps a day.

Our recommendation for a dosing schedule is as follows:

  • When on cycle : 7-10 capsules per day depending on the harshness of steroids being used
  • During post cycle: 4-7 capsules per day
  • Off-cycle: 3-7 capsules per day
  • General Organ Detox: 7 capsules per day

Where to buy and how to learn more?

N2guard is sold at N2bm.com. You can learn more about the experiences of people who have had success using it by checking out Evolutionary.org and Elitefitness.com. There, you can find logs and cycle recommendations.

N2Guard by n2bm.com